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ABA Committee Member Charles M. Thompson


Charles M. Thompson, a lawyer in Pierre, South Dakota, is the Eighth Circuit member on the ABA committee.  Pertinent facts:


1.  Thompson has contributed heavily to South Dakota Democrats.  His record of support for Tom Daschle goes back at least to 1994, and in the 2004 election cycle Thompson gave $3500 to Daschle and his political action committee.  In that same election cycle, Thompson gave $3000 to the House campaign of Stephanie Herseth.  He has also contributed $1500 to Senator Tim Johnson.


2.  The timing of Thompson’s selection to the committee is interesting.  Thompson joined the committee in August 2004, right in the midst of Daschle’s re-election campaign.  A reasonable observer would expect that Thompson would have been predisposed to assist Daschle’s unprecedented obstruction of judicial nominees. 


3.  Thompson is a prominent trial lawyer in South Dakota.  He formerly was president of the state trial lawyers association. 


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