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Re: The Corrupt ABA Judicial-Evaluation Process


My Weekly Standard article—“Lowering the Bar”—is now available here.


As promised, I will have a series of posts this week that exposes the remarkable partisan bias of members of the ABA committee that evaluates nominees to federal judgeships.  I have a lot of information already, but would also welcome any help from readers.  Here is a list of the current members of the ABA committee:


Chair and member-at-large:  Stephen L. Tober, Portsmouth, NH

First Circuit:  Manuel San Juan, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Second Circuit:  Lorna G. Schofield, New York, NY

Third Circuit:  Roberta D. Liebenberg, Philadelphia, PA

Fourth Circuit:  D. Alan Rudlin, Richmond, VA

Fifth Circuit:  Kim J. Askew, Dallas, TX

Sixth Circuit:  Randall D. Noel, Memphis, TN

Seventh Circuit:  Harold S. Barron, Chicago, IL

Eighth Circuit:  Charles M. Thompson, Pierre, SD

Ninth Circuit:  Max A. Hansen, Dillon, MT

                        Raymond Charles Marshall, San Francisco, CA

Tenth Circuit:  James B. Lee, Salt Lake City, UT

Eleventh Circuit:  Teresa Wynn Roseborough, Atlanta, GA

D.C. Circuit:  Marna S. Tucker, Washington, D.C.

Federal Circuit:  John Payton, Washington, D.C.


I am interested in any evidence indicating that any of these members is intensely partisan (on either side of the political spectrum).  Please send any information to me at [email protected] and title your e-mail in this format:  “ABA:  [member’s last name]”.  If your information is from a public source, please include the appropriate URL or citation.  If your information comes from your own experience, please describe the facts with as much specificity as possible and make clear the basis of your knowledge.  Recognizing, as the ABA committee does, that confidentiality promotes candor, I will keep the sources of all comments confidential.


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