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Reid Wants Votes on Judicial Nominees


Herewith Harry Reid’s latest gems of statesmanlike eloquence, in response to a question from the press this afternoon about whether the Democrats would try to filibuster Brett Kavanaugh.

[Republicans] would rather have a fight than a fair discussion of this man and a vote. So we’re going to have the ability to debate Kavanaugh, whether it’s done with an agreed upon time — which, it would seem to me, what we’ve done around here on judges and other matters, for two centuries — or if they want to send a message to the right-wing: “Look, we filed cloture.” They have to file cloture to keep us from talking. That’s a waste of their time, because we’ll go ahead and allow cloture to be invoked and do our 30 hours then. 

If you cut through the fog of general Reid incoherence, there is a real gem in here: The Senate Democrat Leader admits that for two centuries, the Senate has had a fair discussion and a vote on judicial nominees. And he seems to endorse this concept.

Yes, there will be a fair discussion and a vote one on Kavanaugh. Why? Because the Republicans have prevented a filibuster, not because the Democrats voluntarily agreed to a time for “fair discussion and a vote.” 

But now that we know that’s what the Dems want….let’s ask Reid to schedule a “fair discussion and a vote” on every other judge as well.

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