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Detainee’s Lawyer Supports Kavanaugh


Law professor Neal Katyal of Georgetown, who has been one of the strongest critics of the Administration’s policies on enemy combatants (and who is lead counsel for the petitioner in the pending Supreme Court case of Hamdan v. Rumsfeld), yesterday wrote Chairman Specter an “entirely unsolicited” letter “strongly” supporting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the D.C. Circuit.  Katyal writes that Kavanaugh would be a “welcome, terrific addition” to the D.C. Circuit, is “open-minded, smart, and principled, and has a career of “almost unmatched distinction.”  (I have a copy of Katyal’s letter but have not been able to locate it online.)


Let’s hope that Senate Democrats start showing the same decency to Kavanaugh that Katyal’s letter exemplifies.

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