Biden & Specter on FNS

by Jonathan H. Adler

Asked on Fox News Sunday whether either Brett Kavanaugh or Terrence Boyle, Senator Joseph Biden said he was undecided on Kavanaugh’s nomination, and would be unlikely to filibuster his nomination. Biden continued that he was “unalterably opposed” to Boyle, did not think he would be confirmed, and would consider joining a filibuster against him. Senator Arlen Specter was also on the program, and commented that his “job is to get these men out of committee and onto the floor” for an up or down vote. Specter said he agreed to a second hearing for Kavanaugh to eliminate any basis for a filibuster of his nomination. Specter said he believed Boyle merited confirmation as the President’s nominee, and left open the possibility that Democratic opposition to Boyle could provoke another near-nuclear confrontation, though he would seek to avoid that result.

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