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More than one month has passed since the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on Justice Alito, and nearly four weeks have passed since the Senate’s floor vote on Alito. Unless I somehow missed it, no further action has been taken in that time on any of President Bush’s pending court of appeals nominees. The two on the Senate calendar (Boyle and Myers) continue to languish. The three stuck in limbo in committee (Haynes, Kavanaugh, and Saad) remain in limbo. And no hearings have been held on any of the more recent nominees.

Are Senate Republicans really unable to use their 55-seat majority to keep the nominee pipeline flowing? What’s the cause of this inaction? I hope to offer some thoughts on this later.

In the meantime, apart from the lull in Bench Memos activity that the Senate’s own inaction has produced, I expect to be especially silent this next week, as I will be in London and Paris on business travel (related to UNESCO’s recent selection of the Ethics and Public Policy Center as a UNESCO chair in bioethics).


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