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Kerry Plays The Race Card


Democrats — at least those seeking the Democratic nomination for president and those who are desperate for money from extremist Left deep pockets — are trying to “out-Liberal” each other on the Alito nomination, even when it is clear a bipartisan majority of senators intend to make the Judge Alito “Justice Alito” in just a few days.

John Kerry, after launching the first international filibuster from the slopes of the Swiss Alps with the help of Ted Kennedy, gave a speech earlier on the Senate floor that rivals Kennedy’s 1987 smear of Judge Bork. Kennedy claimed that in “Judge Bork’s America,” blacks would “sit at segregated lunch counters.” Kerry’s Race Card goes like this: In Judge Alito’s America, “it’s okay to shoot . . . a fleeing, unarmed . . . 15 year-old African American . . . in the back of the head.” In Judge Alito’s America, “we know what’s going to happen in this country to the rights to the challenges of minorities to vote . . . We still see minorities denied opportunities to register, opportunities to have equal numbers of voting machines in their district.”

Kerry, the political loser, is acting like George Wallace after his 1958 defeat in his first race for Governor. Wallace vowed that he would never again be “out-segged” and vowed to be the loudest voice for racial segregation in future political campaigns. Kerry has apparently decided that he will not be “out-smeared” and is reaching for the high-water mark for smearing judicial candidates previously held by Ted Kennedy.

But Justice Alito will be seated on the Supreme Court. The distortions and division being sown by John Kerry and Ted Kennedy will come back to haunt them, and the Democratic party. Mainstream America in the long run will always stand for highly qualified, impartial judges and for a fair process, and for Senators who do their jobs and vote – not who unfairly smear good men like Judge Alito.


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