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Remember the Children


As we look forward to the inevitable confirmation of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court next week, an overlooked heartbreaking story out of New York City this morning drives home the real tragedy that underlies one of the outrageous distortions of Judge Alito’s record by the liberal Left.

It became one of THE Main Talking Points of the Left, from Maureen Dowd to Howard Dean to Senator Pat Leahy: Judge Alito condones searches of children by police! Americans’ civil liberties are under attack!

In fact, it is children who are under attack — by drug dealers — and it is the liberals who don’t care and won’t protect them.

The Left’s misrepresentation involved Doe v. Groody, a case in which Judge Alito dissented over a technicality about whether a police affidavit attached to a search warrant authorized the search of a drug dealer’s daughter in his home. Liberals have reacted with great drama and feigned horror over the search of a 10 year-old girl.

The fact is, drug dealers use children — their bedrooms, their clothing, their bodies — to hide drugs.

The latest tragedy, according to news reports: a two year-old girl, Sherlyn Polonia, died after her body was burning with fever, she was vomiting a white substance, and emergency medical workers found her in her home not breathing.

The hospital contacted police to report that Sherlyn was exposed to narcotics before dying. Several ounces of cocaine were found in her bedroom. Her mother and live-in boyfriend have been arrested on drug possession charges, and reports state that they used the little girl’s bedroom as a place to stash cocaine and prepare it for sale. News reports indicate that the little girl likely ingested the cocaine, thinking it was candy in her room.

The santimonious liberals braying in their liberal bubble about the horrors of searching children — i.e., protecting children — were not able to kill the nomination of Judge Alito. But how many more children will be abused or even killed by drug dealers?


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