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The Future Of The Democrats?


“Keep Fascist Alito Off the Supreme Court.” He’s “a leading proponent of the savagely unconstitutional doctrine of the ‘unitary executive,’” which would enable the President to “assert absolute dictatorial authority during periods of emergency.” His nomination must be defeated, “or the Supreme Court will fall fatally into the hands of a cabal . . . led by Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, and Alito — all members of the self-avowed ‘conservative revolutionary’ Federalist Society.”

“Look at the people! Look at what I see in the people: The people hate this Administration! They hate the Bush-Cheney Administration! To the extent they understand it, they hate what Alito represents. The will of the people has implicitly spoken! They want to be rid of this!”

Senator Kennedy couldn’t have said it better. But these are in fact the words of Lyndon Larouche. That there is so much commonality in their rhetoric might suggest (though I concede I’m being hopeful) that the Democrats are marginalizing themselves. But perhaps an alliance with the Larouchites is the path to victory.


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