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In Case You Were Wondering


The following Senate Democrats are up for re-election (or in Menendez’s case, election) in November 2006:

Akaka (Hawaii)
Bingaman (New Mexico)
Byrd (West Virginia)
Cantwell (Washington)
Carper (Delaware)
Clinton (New York)
Conrad (North Dakota)
Feinstein (California)
Kennedy (Massachusetts)
Kohl (Wisconsin)
Lieberman (Connecticut)
Menendez (New Jersey)
Nelson, Ben (Nebraska)
Nelson, Bill (Florida)
Stabenow (Michigan)

In addition, the seats now held by retiring senators Dayton (Minnesota), Jeffords (I-Vermont), and Sarbanes (Maryland) will be open.

Most of these clearly are safe seats.

Ben Nelson of Nebraska has said that he will vote for Alito. No other Democrat has yet.


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