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Floor Vote on Alito’s Nomination


The only strategy that Senate Democrats have been able to execute with respect to Judge Alito’s nomination is one of “distort and delay,” and that strategy seems only to have discredited them in the public’s eyes. Nevertheless, expect them to adopt that same strategy with respect to Senate floor action on Judge Alito’s nomination.

Senate floor action will begin tomorrow, and majority leader Frist will do all within his power to ensure both that every senator has his say and that the final vote is not unduly delayed. It’s conceivable that the final vote could occur this Friday, but I’d bet on no earlier than next Tuesday, January 31 (the date of the President’s State of the Union Address). Indeed, a Senate GOP leadership aide tells me that if Democrats “are horse’s asses,” they could delay the vote all the way until February 3. I’ll leave to each of you your own judgment on whether that conditional proposition has already been sufficiently established.


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