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Senator Cornyn’s Statement on Committee Vote


Senator Cornyn gets it exactly right:

“Every member of the committee agrees that Judge Alito is one of the most well-qualified nominees ever nominated to serve the Supreme Court. But if qualifications, integrity, fairness, and judicial philosophy were all that mattered in this process, Judge Alito would have been voted out of this Committee unanimously. But the new rule is that any nominee who refuses to promise to impose a liberal agenda from the bench is subjected to, as one of his opponents called it, the ‘you name it, we’ll do it’ tactics of distortion and smear.

“Judge Alito survived these unwarranted, baseless attacks. But at some point, we as a Committee will need to come to terms with our confirmation process which too often treats Supreme Court nominees more like piñatas than human beings. That’s something none of us should tolerate.

“We all agree that Judge Alito is well-qualified to serve on our nation’s highest court. So it is unfortunate that we cannot all agree to treat his nomination in a fair, civil manner. Judge Alito deserves to be confirmed, and he will be confirmed. I’m proud to support his nomination.”


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