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Dem Disrespect


I’m sitting in the hearing room, in back of an impressive and historic panel of federal Circuit Court of Appeals judges who have served with Judge Alito.
Judge Becker is testifying that

Sam Alito is not an ideologue …. Have never seen him exhibit a bias ….

In civil rights and employment discrimination cases….

I think the public does not understand what happens when you become a judge ….. Sam has great respect for precedent ….

The only Democrat Senators who bothered to stay on the dais are Leahy and Feinstein. Almost all the Republicans are there. Most notably, Senator Chuck Schumer got up and left right before the judges began to speak. Not only do they not care about the Judges’ testimony, apparently, they don’t even care about the disrespect for these judges that the bench of empty seats on the Democrat side bespeaks.


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