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Washington Post as Cheerleader for Democrats


The banner headline in today’s Washington Post — “Alito Leaves Door Open to Reversing ‘Roe’” — and the article’s lead sentence, which states that the “once-sluggish confirmation hearings” for Alito “turned confrontational yesterday, as the nominee signaled he might be willing to revisit the ruling that legalized abortion nationwide,” are nothing more than partisan cheerleading for the Democrats’ feeble attack on Alito. The simple fact is that Alito’s testimony yesterday on Roe v. Wade and principles of stare decisis was exactly the same as he delivered the day before. And it is hardly news that a Supreme Court nominee will not give hints, previews, or forecasts on issues that might come before him. The headline could equally have been “Alito Leaves Door Open to Embracing ‘Roe’”.

If there was any news from yesterday, it was how desperate and nasty and empty the Democrats’ attack on Alito was. But I concede that there is nothing new about that either.


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