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Overall Assessment of Day 2


It was a great day for Judge Alito. In his own way, Alito was every bit as impressive as Chief Justice Roberts was. He demonstrated a mastery of Supreme Court case law, a remarkable ability to explain his own record clearly and to dispel the distortions of his interrogators, a rock-solid integrity and a quiet grace, and an appealing demeanor.

In a single day, the Democrats’ feeble wall of lies collapsed. Biden himself labeled his colleagues’ attack on Alito’s ethics “malarkey”. Alito stood by his 1985 job essay as an accurate statement of his views at that time — and thereby punctured Democrats’ effort to argue that he shouldn’t be trusted in what he says in trying to get a job. Democrats’ contention that Alito has an overly expansive view of presidential powers was shown to be baseless. And so on.


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