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Leahy Demagoguing


Sen. Leahy, disappointingly, chose to spend a big chunk of his first 30-minute round of questioning Judge Alito demagoguing the Doe v. Groody case, in which Judge Alito wrote a dissent saying that police officers should not have been sued by a drug dealer for their search of his 10 year-old daughter during a search of his home.

As Sen. Leahy well knows, the case turned on a technical legal question of whether a police affidavit was incorporated into a search warrant. As he also knows, drug dealers frequently hide drugs on children, and searching the children protects them from such abuse. As he also knows, in the Groody case, the girl was searched in private by a female officer.

But Leahy once again misrepesented the Groody case, ignored Judge Alito’s answers, and made obnoxious demagoguing speeches politicizing legal questions.


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