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Speculating About Drudge


THE DRUDGE REPORT has learned from exclusive sources that Senate Democrats have put into place a plan that includes one last push to take down the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito as he heads into his confirmation hearing next week…. MORE… Senate Democrats intend to zero in on Alito’s alleged membership to an organization, a witness will claim, that was sexist, racist and out-of-the-mainstream on a variety of issues…
That Dujack dude has written extensively about the Concerned Alumni of Princeton. I assume “sexist, racist and out-of-the-mainstream” might fit his description of it, since he’s written “At the very least, Judge Alito will have to explain to the Senate Judiciary Committee why he paid dues to an outfit whose modus operandi was deceit and dirty tricks. He will have to explain how he permitted himself to belong to an organization that was overtly racist and sexist for its entire 14-year existence ­— at times passionately so, too.”

So maybe he wasn’t pulled. (I said it was a rumor.)


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