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The Schedule Was...


Here, as I posted on November 3rd:

As Corner readers and others know by now, the schedule for the hearings looks something like:

The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on Judge Samuel Alito’s nomination for the US Supreme Court on Jan. 9-Jan 13 with a possibility of ending on the 14th if necessary. The Committee vote will occur on Jan 17th. There will be no “holdover” week. There will be a full Senate vote on Jan. 20 .

Really unfortunate delay. Part because of the time wasted on the Miers nomination. Part bad time of year. Part because the GOP won’t push enough?

You assume Republicans got something for agreeing to hold hearings until the new year–like the 17th and 20th goals–but someone has not cut out of the agreement. Unless they didn’t, which is worse–and gives me zero hope for Senate Republicans.


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