Alito’s Poll Numbers Rising

by Jonathan H. Adler

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll reports good news for Judge Alito’s prospects:

The survey found that 54 percent of the public say the Senate should confirm Alito while 28 percent say he should not be approved. That marks a modest increase in public support for Alito since November, when 49 percent said he should be confirmed and 29 percent said he should not. In both surveys, about one in five Americans said they did not know enough about the nominee to have an opinion.

Alito now is about as popular as Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was on the eve of his Senate confirmation hearings last September, the survey found. Roberts easily won Senate approval, breezing through his hearings and winning the vote of all 55 Republican senators and half of their Democratic colleagues. It is uncertain whether Alito will pass so effortlessly through his Senate confirmation process, which is scheduled to start Jan. 9 with hearings. The Senate hopes to hold a final vote on Alito by Jan. 20.

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