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Stuart Taylor on Rank Media Bias Against Alito


Stuart Taylor’s latest column (not yet online—I’ll link to it when it is) documents at length the “sometimes subtle but unmistakable pattern” of liberal media bias against Judge Alito. Taylor points out that through “various mixes of factual distortions, tendentious wording, and uncritical parroting of misleading attacks by liberal critics,” reporters have falsely “insinuate[d] that Alito is a slippery character who will say whatever senators want to hear, especially by ‘distancing himself’ from past statements that (these reporters imply) show him to be a conservative ideologue.” Another key excerpt:

“The systematic slanting — conscious or unconscious — of this and many other news reports has helped fuel a disingenuous campaign by liberal groups and senators to caricature Alito as a conservative ideologue. In fact, this is a judge who — while surely too conservative for the taste of liberal ideologues — is widely admired by liberals, moderates, and conservatives who know him well as fair-minded, committed to apolitical judging, and wedded to no ideological agenda other than restraint in the exercise of judicial power.”


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