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Note to Schumer: Oh, please...just come off it


Note to Senator Chuck Schumer from midtown Manhattan: puh-leese! Cut the posturing. It is just getting so tiresome.

You need to come clean with the American people and tell them the truth: you have never, even for one second, considered supporting the nomination of Judge Alito, just as you never would have voted for Chief Justice Roberts.

Your phony “concerns” about whether Judge Alito can be “objective” are a bunch of nonsense.

You know that Judge Alito has for 15 years been a completely fair, unbiased, objective judge. You know that every single one of his fellow judges on the Third Circuit (including the liberals), all of his law clerks (including the liberals), and all of his former colleagues (including the liberals) — forming a great rainbow of people that includes men, women, minorities, liberals, abortion supporters, registered Democrats, feminists — ALL speak to his complete and unimpeachable integrity and objectivity as a judge.

Your posturing is all about raising money for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, because the big New York and Hollywood money will evaporate unless you oppose Judge Alito, as well as any other Supreme Court nominee who won’t roll over for their extreme left agenda: unregulated abortion on demand for all nine months of pregnancy, stripping God from the public square, handcuffing law enforcement so that children can be used as drug mules, etc. We saw them browbeating you during the Roberts confirmation hearings for not being tough enough on him.

So go ahead….campaign for their agenda. Take your big bucks from George Soros. Take your cues from Howard Dean. Pull the Democratic Party into the abyss that already separates mainstream America from the radical Left’s agenda.

It would be nice if you would stop abusing the Supreme Court nomination process to press this agenda for your partisans. But if you can’t do that, at least be New Yorker enough to come clean with the rest of the country, and tell them there’s not a prayer of your supporting Judge Alito.


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