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Re: Beliefs


Mark is exactly right, and I share his consternation at our “supposedly conservative senators” who flee rather than embrace what Sam Alito said 20 years ago.

While I’m on the subject of Mark, I will point out that the other day, in calling attention to the fine new Heritage Guide to the Constitution, he neglected to note that he wrote an excellent review of it for the Washington Times on Tuesday.

And there’s more: The Heritage Guide is chock full of contributions by people familiar to NRO readers. Beginning with the editors–Edwin Meese, Matthew Spalding, and David Forte–I reckon there are at least 20 contributors to the Guide whose work has appeared in the pages of NR or on this website, including Bench Memorandists Gerry Bradley, Rick Garnett, and yours truly. My contribution was tiny, but I’m proud to be in such good company in such a useful reference work.


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