Rumors, Rumors . . .

by Jonathan H. Adler

Erick at RedState has some here. What I’m hearing is similar, but not quite the same. Where our contacts agree: Williams and Batchelder are in play. The list is not all women, and the list of those under initial consideration includes McConnell(!). He’s also hearing Sykes and Corrigan. I’ve also heard Alito and Olson (as in former SG Ted Olson). Insofar as the White House is going back to its old lists, don’t be surprised if the likes of Consuelo Callahan is mentioned. She’s known as a moderate but she also dissented last week in a case upholding Seattle’s use of race for high school admissions. While the president may well consider another non-judge, it is unlikely the White House will consider someone who has not been previously vetted and Senate confirmed, so I think this makes Corrigan unlikely (it is also likely to exclude two others whose names I have not heard mentioned: Maureen Mahoney and SCOFLA Justice Raoul Cantero). Dark horses? The most surprising name I’ve heard mentioned so far is Jeff Sutton — not because he’s unqualified (he’s certainly qualified) but because he’d certainly provoke a fight. Predictions? It’s too soon for that.

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