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How Ridiculous Is Susan Estrich?


Kathryn asks “[w]hat could be more ridiculous than Susan Estrich’s coming to the rescue of Harriet Miers?” Well, maybe, PeeWee Herman saving this damsel in distress? Or Mike Dukakis, whose campaign Ms. Estrich managed? Or maybe Rocket J. Squirrel, the character Dukakis was moved to impersonate during his presidential run, curiously enough, while seated in an Abrams tank?

Or, just maybe, it would be. . . . Susan Estrich’s actually saying: “What could be more ridiculous than to have the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice turn on her answer to a questionnairre filled out in 1989 when she was running for the Dallas City Council?” I mean, really, could anything a candidate for the Dallas City Council (of all places) says matter that much?

Frankly, yes. What if in 1989 a candidate — even a candidate for the Dallas City Council — said something like: “black folks have gotten all that they are due and should stop expecting handouts”? Or if a candidate said that “there is no such thing as a glass ceiling; women face no obstacles to success which they do not themselves create”?

Something tells me that Ms. Estrich would not think it was so “ridiculous”
to think that it mattered.


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