Are Typos Relevant?

by Jonathan H. Adler

A reader writes: “I gotta throw a penalty flag on that post; it’s too much like gratuitous piling on. Typos I’m not concerned with, at this point — I would expect opinions would be carefully edited before publication. If there’s going to be a debate, I want it to be about substance, not style.” This is a fair point, and one I considered before posting the comment. Of course typos are of minimal relevance to whether Miers should be confirmed. However, I do think they are further evidence that the White House, if not the nominee, is falling down on the job with this nomination. After all, the White House tried to sell Miers as “detail oriented” — to the point of noting how thoroughly she would proofread others’ work — and one would have expected the questionnaire to be thoroughly proofread before it was submitted.

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