Miers and Judicial Nominees

by Jonathan H. Adler

In this prior post, I suggested that Miers could not have played a role in the vetting of many appellate judicial nominees because so few were nominated between July 2003. This was an error. There were several nominated since then. (See the full list here.) However, it is worth reiterating that there have been few nominees since she became White House Counsel. Thus, while she may have participated in the review of various nominees–including Janice Rogers Brown, Brett Kavanaugh, Thomas Griffith, Diane Sykes and some others–she has overseen the review and selection of hardly any. As a final note, I would add that multiple individuals who worked on judicial nominations while Miers was in the White House–but before she became White House Counsel–have told me they do not recall her having much of a role during that time.

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