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Clarification on Miers and the White House’s Judicial Selection Committee


A White House source calls to my attention the fact that Harriet Miers did not become deputy chief of staff until July 2003 and notes that it is therefore not surprising that my e-mail correspondent did not see her at any meetings of the White House’s judicial selection committee. This information also means, of course, that the assertion by Hugh Hewitt that my e-mail correspondent was responding to—that Miers has been a member of the judicial selection committee “for three years”—was mistaken, as the correct period would be some two years and three months.

I must emphasize, however, that, even with respect to the period between July 2003 and mid-November 2004 (when the President stated his intention to appoint Miers as White House counsel), I have separately been given serious reason to believe that Hewitt’s account dramatically (though again, I presume, inadvertently) overstates Miers’s actual participation in the work of the judicial selection committee.


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