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Ed’s Worry


Ed Whelan expresses (as is his wont) in a measured, careful, and objective manner some grounds to be concerned about the “quality and reliability” of information offered in defense on Harriet Miers’s nomination.

I am not Ed. And so here is how I express my great regret at, and continuing suspicion of, practically the whole Miers’ defense case: It has been an erratic mix of insults (“you guys are sexist”), irrelevancies (“she is such a good lady”), and invitations to shut up, sit back, and be governed (“trust us, damn it”). Spin and evasion so far. Are downright lies up next?

Maybe those in charge are not yet prepared to stanch the bleeding by withdrawing Miers’s nomination. But they surely could — and should
– now quit making matters even worse by treating conservatives puzzled
(to put it as Ed might) over this nominee as if, well, we were Democrats.


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