The White House’s Challenge

by Jonathan H. Adler

A reader thinks the White House is facing a substantial communications challenge in the weeks ahead:

The President’s “trust me” theme is based on his belief and assertion that Miers “won’t change.” The problem is that we will learn in coming weeks that she has already changed an awful lot. She was a Catholic who is now an Evangelical, a Democrat who is now a Republican, a moderate and pragmatic politician who is now positioned as a principled jurist in waiting. As evidence of her past beliefs and actions mounts, conservatives will become less and less comfortable assuming that Miers won’t change . . . again. And when the White House reiterates the President’s view, the Left will pounce asserting that Miers and the President have made a secret pact that compromises her judicial independence. The White House team is very smart, and maybe they can solve this problem, but I’m increasingly unsure that they can.

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