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Hurricane Seat, Continued


I heard Newt Gingrich just say on Fox News that Judge Edith Clement is likely on the short list, and that she’d be a solid conservative on the Court. This was first suggested, to my knowledge, by Susan Estrich on the night of the Chief’s death. The notion is that it would be a wonder symbolic act on the president’s part to the people of New Orleans. I sure hope this kind of thinking isn’t taken seriously by serious people, especially the president. The people of New Orleans don’t know who Clement is, nor do the people of Missouri, New York, Florida or the rest of the country. The symbolism is among the elites. And it would be short-lived even among them. If anything, this shows how completely out-of-touch some people are with the public.

Now, if Clement is as solid as some (a few) say, then let’s see the evidence. Point us to the writings, the speeches, anything. Otherwise, count me among the detractors.


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