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Cutting Through the Spin


When liberals say…

* civil rights, they mean racial quotas and forced busing.
* reproductive rights, they mean underage girls should get abortions without notifying their parents.
* equal pay for women, they mean government bureaucrats determining your pay.
* environmental protection and worker rights, they mean the government has unlimited power to regulate private property and business.
* church-state separation, they mean your town can’t display a Menorah or Christmas crèche during the holidays.

If confirmed, Roberts will benefit the country by not being a judicial activist:

* First and foremost, Roberts won’t allow bureaucrats to seize ordinary people’s private property.
* He won’t redefine traditional marriage.
* He won’t strike ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance.
* He won’t force the Boy Scouts to hire openly homosexual Scoutmasters.
* He won’t favor criminals’ rights over victims’ rights.
* He won’t protect simulated child pornography on the Internet.
* He won’t allow Congress to legislate in areas where the Constitution doesn’t grant it authority.
* He won’t ban the death penalty.
* He won’t permit the politicians to regulate what we say about them at election time.
* He won’t allow government to treat people differently because of their skin color.
* He won’t hamstring the military and intelligence services in the War on Terror.
* He won’t block school choice for kids trapped in failing schools.
* He won’t eliminate the right to gun ownership.


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