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Turley vs. Durbin


Some three weeks ago, law professor Jonathan Turley breathlessly reported Senator Durbin’s account of a private meeting between Durbin and Judge Roberts in which Durbin supposedly flustered Roberts by asking “what he would do if the law required a ruling that his church considers immoral.” Contrary to Turley’s expectation that Roberts’s supposed answer—that he would recuse himself—would dramatically transform the whole confirmation process, it has instead led only to a petty, nasty dispute between Turley and Durbin. Stephen Spruiell explains here that it appears that Durbin tried to use Turley to float some disinformation about Roberts and then lied about it.

Spruiell thinks Durbin’s disinformation was designed to displease conservatives. Wendy Long makes a more compelling case that it was designed to appeal to anti-Catholic bigotry.


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