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Ramesh on Mark


Ramesh’s post makes me want to clarify my earlier response to Mark Levin, the one in which I dream of being a U.S. senator. Now I should like to dream that I have been nominated to the Supreme Court.

Ramesh would vote for Robert Alt, even if Robert refused to say much at his hearings. I am not sure if Ramesh is thinking exactly along these lines, but, sure, the important thing is for a senator to know somehow where a nominee stands on the issues that matter most. Then a nominee scrupulous of answering at a hearing can still be evaluated by the conscientious senator.

For example, someone as promiscuous in sharing his opinions about what constitutional law ought to be as . . . well, me, could say nothing whatsoever at his hearings, and still get an up or down vote from conscientious senators. No doubt at all where I stand on the issues. At least since my last Bench Memos post . . .


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