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The CNN-NARAL Connection


Accuracy in Media reveals that CNN founder Ted Turner’s connection to NARAL “may explain why” CNN is airing the NARAL television ad that has been roundly denounced by everyone (other than Barbara Boxer) for its false and deliberately misleading content about John Roberts.

AIM says: “The ad, accusing Roberts of endorsing anti-abortion terrorism, is from the group known as NARAL Pro-Choice America, a pro-abortion group. Public information shows that the NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation received more than $1.4 million in 2003 from Ted Turner’s private foundation. Ted Turner, founder of CNN, is a board member of Time Warner, CNN’s parent company.”

AIM notes that CNN defends the ad as “advocacy advertising” from a “responsible group” that will be “fact checked and debated” on CNN programs.
A few months ago, Judicial Confirmation Network (a “responsible group”) produced an ad on the Democratic filibuster of judicial nominees. CNN’s in-house lawyers questioned and nitpicked the text of JCN’s ad (which was perfectly accurate to begin with, and which ultimately ran as produced on CNN and other cable networks and local broadcast stations). Something tells me that NARAL likely did not face the same critical review.

Ted Turner has not given $1.4 million to JCN.

I think AIM may be onto something.


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