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ABC News, Dem Leaders, and Boxer on NARAL Ad


ABC News reporter Jake Tapper last night said that ABC contacted four “leading abortion-rights groups and the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate today” regarding the outrageous NARAL ad about Judge Roberts. “Not one of them expressed any problem with this misleading ad,” which “accuses Judge Roberts of supporting violent anti-abortion criminals,” according to Tapper’s report.

Tapper noted that the White House released a memo Judge Roberts wrote in 1986 condemning abortion bombers as criminals who should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Tapper interviewed former solicitor general for President Clinton and abortion-rights supporter Walter Dellinger, who agreed the NARAL ad is “not fair” in its characterization of Judge Roberts’ position in the 1991 case at issue.

Meanwhile, Sen. Barbara Boxer spoke at San Francisco’s Golden Gate University, and according to the San Jose Mercury News, she “echoed charges” made in the NARAL ad, stating that “Roberts sided with some of the nation’s most violent anti-choice extremists.”

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate had better reject this NARAL ad and its tactics quickly. For her part, Senator Boxer needs to apologize, rescind her position, and use her influence with her friends over at NARAL to get them to pull the ad.


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