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Re: Who?


Byron York knows. Here’s some:

Perhaps “activist” is the wrong word to describe Delgaudio. Maybe it’s better to call him a clever but small-time practitioner of the art of political guerrilla theater. A native New Yorker and a veteran of the conservative activist group Young Americans for Freedom, Delgaudio operates from a small office in Falls Church, Virginia. His primary activity is to stage events–comic protests with a political message. Republicans in Washington might remember one a few years ago, when the “Ted Kennedy Swim Team” marched from La Brasserie, one of the Massachusetts senator’s favorite hangouts, to the Capitol. That was Delgaudio. A few months later came the “Barney Frank Housesitting Squad,” a crusade to create a “hooker-free zone” around the gay congressman’s house in case a male prostitute again tried to do business there without Frank’s knowledge. That was Delgaudio, too.


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