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Small Fix


A kind and knowledgeable reader writes to correct me, saying that the quote from The Federalist used by the Federalist Society “is from No. 78, which was written by Hamilton, not Madison. Not that Arthur Schlesinger Jr. would know the difference.” Yes, I know that the quotation prominently on display at the bottom of the FedSoc’s website is from No. 78, and that it was written by Hamilton. I was working from memory, and I’m still sure that somewhere I’ve seen quotations from Madison’s contributions to The Federalist used by the Society. But whatever Mr. Schlesinger would or wouldn’t know, the Federalist Society knows full well that there was a crucial time when Hamilton and Madison made common cause for the Constitution–as Hamiltonians and Madisonians alike can do today. So it is fitting that the Society uses Hamilton’s words and Madison’s image together.


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