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Re: Dellinger on Disclosing SG Office Documents


A reader offers this interesting forecast regarding Walter Dellinger’s peculiar statement that Roberts’s SG documents “will be made public”:

He walked right up to the line and then swerved to avoid calling for the release of Roberts’ SG documents (thus not contradicting the previous letter he signed). He predicted their release instead. Why?

Because his op-ed is a political, not a legal document. The Dems have had no credible response when confronted with the former SGs’ letter. . . they needed a talking point! Dellinger has given it to them. You watch. Shortly the Dem pols and strategists will start saying the memo is no longer operative. They’ll “quote” Dellinger as saying this case is different and the docs should be released in Roberts’ case. Dellinger won’t come forward to correct the record. Voila! The letter is “inoperable” and Dellinger has avoided any hard questions about his “contradictory” positions.


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