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It is a testament to the stature and influence of the Federalist Society that so many on the Left appear to care whether John Roberts was ever a Federalist Society member. Today’s front-page (!?!) article in the Washington Post explores this question further.

The article quotes me as speculating that Roberts “probably realized pretty quickly he could take part in [Federalist Society] activities” without being a dues-paying member. For the record, I would like to clarify that I have absolutely no basis for any insights on this matter. The point I made to the reporter (in a conversation that I understood to be “on background”) was that the Federalist Society typically has a two-tier pricing system for its events–a lower price for members and a slightly higher price for non-members–and that speakers at its events are, as I understand it, typically admitted free. If I made the speculative comment that the article attributes to me, it was in a context that made clear to the reporter that I had no knowledge about anything related to Roberts’s membership or non-membership. It is misleading that the quote is used in a manner that might suggest otherwise.


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