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This Federalist Society thing seems like quite a distraction, and one due probably to a misfire strategy from the White House, making a big deal out of Roberts not being a member of the Federalist Society. I tend to agree with this guy:

“What matters is whether he hung out with them and not whether he signed the form or wrote the dues check,” said David Garrow, a law professor at Emory University. “What’s important is the intellectual immersion.”
Basically, that conservative lawyers know and think highly of Roberts is not irrelevant. It’s kinda helpful to know. That he participated in some FedSoc stuff over the years is normal. The group–which you’d think were right out of the Da Vinci Code it is given such an air of mystery and nefariousness in the MSM–obviously wasn’t a formative experience in the justice’s life. But the corrections-insisting about his “membership” seems like it has just provided–what’s that phrase, Desperate Dems?–with a very silly controversy in a nomination battle that doesn’t have much for them to work in their effort to oppose and obstruct.


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