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Re: I Almost Don’t Believe


It turns out that my wife has complained to the Washington Post ombudsman about Robin Givhan’s weird fashion article today:

Yes, I know there are more pressing news items than children’s wardrobes, but Ms. Givhan’s July 22 article on the Roberts’s family clothes was simply too irritating. I am not sure which is more irritating: that she is writing about young children of public figures or the substance of the comments themselves. I’ll let others focus on the appropriateness of the former while I give my take on the latter.

She calls the children’s clothes “costumes” and ridicules the clothes for not being trendy. The children’s attire is simply classic, church clothes that I see on Sundays, yes, especially Easter Sunday, and at weddings. My daughters love their lace-trimmed anklets and shiny Mary Janes. My son, when he was younger, was even seen in seersucker (with bucs instead of saddle shoes). I doubt that Mrs. Roberts ran out and purchased special “costumes” for the occasion. I agree with Ms. Givhan that visitors to the White House should dress appropriately. For children, that usually will mean church clothes. They save the costumes for Halloween.

I’m, of course, rather uncomfortable being publicly associated with someone who expresses such extreme views, but I guess that’s part of the “for better or worse” vow.


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