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From an RNC Release...Some Good Rounding Up


That these are from Jeffrey Toobin, who wants snapped at me on air for daring to be “divisive” is not small thing:

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: “[Roberts] Is A Very Smart Guy. He’s Argued In Front Of The U.S. Supreme Court, Which Is Awfully Good Practice.” (CNN’s “Paula Zahn Live,” 7/19/05)

Toobin: “[Roberts] Is A Very Distinguished Lawyer. This Is The Kind Of Lawyer That People Have Been Talking About For 20 Years, About Being On The Supreme Court. He Is Someone Who Has A — Who Has The Experience That Makes Him A Plausible Candidate.” (CNN’s “Paula Zahn Live,” 7/19/05)

Toobin: “When It Comes To Credentials, There Can’t Be Any Argument That John Roberts Isn’t Qualified.” (CNN, “Paula Zahn Live,” 7/19/05)

Toobin: “Harry Reid Has To Bow To Reality. He Does Have Suitable Credentials.” (CNN, 7/19/05)

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