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Coronate Her!


My tolerance for Sandra Day O’Connor worship officially reached its limit with Arlen Specter’s talk that she be convinced to return to Court as chief justice should Rehnquist resign.

Yes, you read that right.

On Face the Nation, he said:

“I think it would be very tempting if the president said to Justice O’Connor, ‘You could help the country now,’” Specter said. “She has received so much adulation that a confirmation proceeding would be more like a coronation, and she might be willing to stay on for a year or so.”
How about a little fresh blood–judges who look to law, not politics when deciding cases–instead? Thanks ever so much for the useful suggestion though, Chairman Specter. (I can’t believe we’re even discussing this. Thanks.)

Inspires such high hopes for the confirmation hearings he’ll be running.


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