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A Media Point on Gonzales


Tim Graham from the Media Research Center points out:

The Washington Post sounds excitable on its front page this morning with the lede: “President Bush tried Wednesday to quell the conservative criticism engulfing Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, his longtime adviser, and scolded special interest groups for exploiting the debate over the next Supreme Court justice to raise funds.” Engulfing? If that’s true, why do we have to read deep into the article to find any Al-bashing conservatives? (It’s Manny Miranda and Paul Weyrich at Free Congress, who by themselves are not “engulfing” Gonzales.) Sean Rushton is also in the piece, putting it just so: “There’s a sense that the left is going to create dissension among the right, and the media loves that story . . . waiting for the president to tell the wackos to stuff it.”

When Post reporter Dan Balz tried to get Gary Bauer and Tony Perkins to declare Gonzales unsuitable, they both deflected the questions with vague answers. No “engulfing” there either.


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