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Rovian Genius


No he didn’t set up the Red Sox win in some ingenius plan to orchestrate a Hillary senatorial loss next year.

Or did he? (Read more about Rovian genius from Greg Gutfield if you didn’t yesterday and need comic relief today.)

But here’s a maybe serious thought, from a reader, that has crossed my mind:

Is it possible that the SCOTUS nomination is being delayed so that
leftoid groups will wear themselves out on “potential” nominees? Say
Gonzales is not it – let his name come out, and everyone piles on.
Another name gets leaked – everyone piles on that guy. Eventually,
liberals sound rather silly if EVERY name that gets floated is deemed evil
and reactionary. Let them waste their shots in every direction and all
the whining will sound silly eventually. No doubt part of a Rovian evil
master plan.


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