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RE: That Poll Question


From Gerry Daly:

I can’t get to my own darn blog to grab the link, but while that Gallup question you asked is an eye roller when looked at by itself, the way they did the survey is actually pretty fair, since they asked a similar question about the Democrats. They asked if people think it is very likely, somewhat likely, not very likely, not at all likely that the Democrats will try to block Bush’s nominee for “inappropriate” political reasons.

The result is extremely encouraging for our side, as 58% of all adults said that it is “very likely”. 28% more said it was somewhat likely. That means that 86% (!) of all adults think it is likely that the Democrats would engage in an inappropriate obstruction, compared to 12% who say it is unlikely of the Democrats to do so.

That result put a big ol’ smile on my face.


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