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The Left vs. American Citizens


Shannen Coffin’s outstanding essay, “The Left’s Last Stand,” reminds us what’s really at stake in Supreme Court nominations:

Every time the people of the country speak through their legislatures on the hot-button issues of the day–abortion, homosexual rights, affirmative action, you name it–the army of lawyers of the Left line up at the courthouse steps to put a stop to the will of the people.
In clamoring for a “moderate,” the Left is seeking yet another rootless Republican appointee who can be snookered into entrenching the Left’s agenda in the guise of constitutional law. To cite just a few examples, the Left wants a Court that will radically redefine (i.e., abolish) marriage, strip “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance, create a constitutional right to clone, and look to United Nations bureaucrats to determine what our laws mean. So-called conservative extremists, by contrast, recognize that American citizens ought to retain their rights to decide these and other issues and to govern themselves and their communities within the broad bounds established by the real Constitution.


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