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Schumer’s Ready to Obstruct


From the NYSun: Citing a recent bipartisan compromise on the treatment of judicial nominees, Senator Schumer said yesterday that Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are prepared to use judicial philosophy as justification for thwarting any of President Bush’s nominees to replace Justice O’Connor.

The comments by New York’s senior senator raised the possibility that any nominee who is acceptable to most Republicans would be blocked by a filibuster in the Senate – the same situation that lawmakers had earlier avoided….

…”The bottom line is that the agreement said ‘extraordinary circumstances,’ but it also said the extraordinary circumstances are at the discretion of each of the individual senators,” said Mr. Schumer, who sits on the judiciary committee. “So you’d have to ask each of them, they signed it. But I’ve talked to some, and of course judicial philosophy could be within in the realm of extraordinary circumstances. For me, for sure, and I think for the people who signed the agreement, most of them.”…

…”To simply look at the resume and say, ‘You’re fine’ – I don’t buy it,” Mr. Schumer said. “I think that person’s views on environmental rights, on voting rights, on civil rights, on women’s rights – this is the most important appointment that a president can make.”


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