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Things People Are Saying


This is all just buzz/prediction stuff among people whose bizness it is to think about these things. Some current worries floated: Bush could wind up naming Gonzales to replace O’Connor relatively quickly. Then Rehnquist resigns. Then the president names a McConnell/Luttig/Roberts/etc. The second nominee softens the blow of the Gonzales nomination on the Right. The Left will be more ready to accept the conservative because the president ticked off conservatives with Gonzales.

Some problems with that scenario: It assumes a lot about the Left. First, the Senate Dems refer to Gonzales as The Torture Memo Guy. Who says he’s going to be an easy confirmation ride? And, despite the joy they’ll get from the president dissing his peeps (which I, naive K-Lo, think my Stud W would never do anyway), who really thinks that will translate into the Left cooperating on not just one but two nominees? You do realize how much mo and money Ralph Neas and co. have riding on this, right?

And–I could be wrong–but I just don’t think the people who are really making these decisions in the White House don’t see the recusal problem with Gonzales as a conversation stopper. He’s just not a practical prospect as a judge–a “half justice” as we’ve talked about here.

I think the people who elected W president will be happy with who he puts up. But that’s based on nothing but a confidence in this man’s principles and instincts.

Now excuse me while I go pray.


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