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Kiss of Death


Rough transcript from a Dem media availability today:

REID: …We have had approximately 10 members of the Supreme Court that come from the United States Senate over the years. And we’ve had about an additional eight or nine that have come from senators who have retired from the Senate.

There are people who serve in the Senate now who are Republicans who I think would be outstanding Supreme Court members. I think that — you want names, I’ll give you names. I think Mel Martinez is a good name. Mike DeWine, Mike Crapo, are three that come to my mind.

I also listened very closely when we went to lunch with the Supreme Court last week, where they suggested — and me not giving the name of the justices but I had at the table, there were four of the Supreme Court justices there — they said that they thought what would be a good idea is to start calling people from outside the judicial system.

I think that’s something that we should listen to. And I’ve conveyed this to anyone that will listen.


REID: I don’t have no names for outside the judicial system. None that I’m going to at least share with you.

QUESTION: When you mention senators, John Cornyn is the only sitting senator with appellate court experience. Do you think the president could also consider him, sir?

REID: I’ve told you the three that I think he should consider.


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